Digital Marketer based in Los Angeles, CA.

Born and raised in Granada, Spain. I’ve always considered myself a misfit, someone who is constantly challenging the status quo and never accepts a no as an answer. Since an early stage in my life, I’ve always looked for creative ways to achieve goals, basically to get anything I wanted regardless of the difficulty. Chances were that if something was red-flagged, I was even more looking forward to it.

Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Under this mindset, I was finding myself bored very often and looking for new challenges, that’s why I decided to quit my 9-5 job and live out of my digital projects, this led me to move to London, back to Spain and eventually to Los Angeles, where I (happily) live now.

However, I’ve always been humble enough to embrace the learning curve and have fun during the process, often, best things in life require time, dedication and a hint of luck.

Soon I realized I like to do things on my own, so back in 2013, I founded my first marketing agency where I helped dozens of clients to reach their digital goals and invested on my own projects.  

Since the starting of my journey, I’ve started many projects and failed many of them too. However, as Mark Cuban wrote on his book: “In the sport of business, you only need to be right once.” all that matters is to achieve success in one of your projects to compensate for all the failures.

The Journey

As many of us (digital marketers), I started doing SEO and ranking websites, testing different monetization techniques. My main focus now is brand-oriented marketing and e-commerce.

Since 2015 I’ve launched, purchased and sold numerous e-commerce stores, there is no better way to learn than test, test, test, waste your own money and spend several (1,000+) sleepless nights, learning from what it works and discarding what’s not. Often, my options were none but thinking about growth hacking techniques in order to make my project thrive.

On this blog, my goal is to share my journey, helping individuals and businesses with the creation of a successful brand.

DISCLAIMER NOTE: I’m also a huge fan of self-development and motivational texts/quotes, so, do not discard finding some articles related.

Let’s make it rain, fellas!